[Aphio-L] 5K Important, EVERYONE read ENTIRE email!!!

APhiO 5K aphio5k at gmail.com
Fri Mar 5 12:06:50 EST 2010

Hey bros!

It's the day before the 5K! Get excited!!  Just a reminder that you need to
be at PING at 11AM to register and get/give signatures--this is mandatory!!!

   - If you're planning on* volunteering at 10AM shoot me an email* so I
   know who to expect and can give you a super sweet 5K job!

   - If you're donating, consider the following:
      - There are about 20 people donating napkins, maybe some of you would
      consider donating bagels, apples, or gatorade!! PLEASE!
      - *If possible, drop off your donations at 131 B Mill Street
      TONIGHT!!!! PLEASE!!!* This will give me peace of mind! hah

   - BROS! If you haven't signed up to donate yet would you consider
   donating the following:
      - *Apples*
      - *Gatorade*
      - *Bagels*
      - *Cream Cheese*


   - *Smile Markers!* It's extremely important that you guys get there as
   early as you can in order to get you situated! Please arrive a little before
   11AM is possible and find MEGAN ROBERTS!!

   - *I need about 3-5 volunteers to organize in PING during the 5K *and set
   up food donations and raffle prizes. This means you would not run the race!
   Shoot me an email TONIGHT if you would like to be one of those bros!!! (I'd
   really appreciate it!!)

   - Finally! Does anyone have *stop watches I could borrow?? * Shoot me an
   email TONIGHT and let me know so I don't have to go buy some!!

Thanks for your attention!! See you TOMORROW!!!!!!!!! Give me a call if you
have any questions!!

5K girls
Carolyn: 419.541.0460
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