[Aphio-L] Come get my signature!!!

Vanyo, Vanessa vv148408 at ohio.edu
Fri Mar 5 09:37:02 EST 2010

Hey pledges!! I'll be in Baker for the Custom Belt Sale pretty much from now until 6, depending on how busy it is, except from from 1 to 2, I have class then.  So if you don't have my signature (I'm on page 30) you should definitely stop by and get it today (and maybe buy a belt and support a great cause :D).  And just in case I leave the sale early and you're headed over at 5:45, feel free to shoot me a text and ask if I'm still there, my number is 216-246-9223.  Just mention in the text that you're a pledge looking for my sig so I don't get like creeped out or anything...

Also, Amanda McKay will be here in Baker at the sale until about noon, Leigha Kristoff will be here from about 1 to 6, and Steph Bricklebank will be at the sale from 2 to 6.

So yeah...come find us and we'll sign your binders!!!!

-Vanessa Vanyo
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