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Hey APhiO,I have a few important things to remind/inform about this upcoming quarter in regards to the pledge process.  
1.  All Bigs MUST BRING their gag gifts for their littles to chapter (or to my house 11 Oak Street) on Monday in a bag with your name on it.  Don't forget, if you are taking 2 littles- you need to gifts.  
2.  Bid Night Activities will be taking place on Sunday at 5:30PM at the South Pole.  All of the new pledges will be meeting here for some fun activities to get to know all of the new pledges.  PLEASE COME AND LET ME KNOW IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN BRINGING ANY COOKIES/SODA/LOVE.  PLEASE PLEASE COME AND HANG OUT.  
3.  We will be taking family pictures at Chapter on Monday.  So bring your smiling faces.  :) :)

Angela Schedler

Alpha Phi Omega 

Membership VP


as309406 at ohio.edu

Laura Hopkins

Alpha Phi Omega

Membership VP


lh260406 at ohio.edu

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