[Aphio-L] 5K letter writing!

APhiO 5K aphio5k at gmail.com
Mon Feb 22 13:37:12 EST 2010


Thank you for everyone that has come to any of the letter writing parties-
you guys rock! Just a reminder that there is a party tonight from 6 P.M. to
9 P.M. in Baker 239.

Also, you all have been extra bossy about stamp and envelope donations. We
appreciate it so much! Right now, we have a ton of envelopes so if you're
still looking for hours, we could really use some stamp donations. 20 stamps
(equal to 2 sheets) is $8.80, which we understand is somewhat pricey, but
without stamps, we can't send donation letters! so please please please
consider donating stamps instead of envelopes!

Thanks broz, you guys rock!

5K Chairs
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