[Aphio-L] Attention Bros! Get Hours! Make money...not really.

Leigha Kristoff lk491206 at ohio.edu
Wed Feb 17 12:45:20 EST 2010

Hello hello bros! Happy Ash Wednesday!

A few good news items about hours! Belts Breaking Bondage is offering  
more services hours this quarter.....! yay! In addition to the Monday  
night sewing parties, this week on Thursday 2/18 from 6-8, there will  
be another sewing party, 25 spots! Next week we'll be having them on  
Monday and Thursday as well as the following week (week 9) on Monday,  
Wednesday, and Thursday from 6-8 as well. I'll be putting up  
tomorrow's hours now, and next weeks hours on sunday and the  
following weeks hours the following week...to give everyone a fair  
shot after chapter to sign up for those hours. Also, 4 yards of  
fabric=2 hours! Make sure its cotton fabric or cotton/poly blend, you  
can not get it at walmart but at Jo ann's etc... so if you are going  
home for the weekend to get formal things.....stop at a craft store!

Also, starting at next weeks sales...if you buy a belt or necklace,  
you will get a service hour as well. Boys...we started making hemp  
necklaces and they don't look girly! Sales are every Weds from 11-3  
on the first floor of Baker, also we'll be having a custom belt/ 
necklace day on March 5th from 8am-6pm, where you can pick your  
fabrics and we will make them within the hour! (buy one=service, plus  
you'll look great on spring break!)

Please feel free to email me with questions, sorry this was so long!

Leigha Kristoff
Red Bull SBM- Ohio University
EW Scripps School of Journalism '11
Belts Breaking Bondage, President
Alpha Phi Omega, Member

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