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McConnell, Samantha sm323206 at ohio.edu
Tue Feb 16 23:45:07 EST 2010

 Hey everyone!

So we need to be having some movie nights or something so our Littles can get their family hours (and you can get our fellowship hour if you still need it). :) I am offering my place to host a movie night, however, I live at the Summit. This means that anyone without a car will need a ride to my place. I don't mind picking people up, but that's up to all of you guys. If there is a more convenient location I will not be offended if we get together there - I know I live kind of out of the way. Let's get something decided and make the pledge process just a little bit easier for our Littles! :)


Samantha McConnell
Student, College of Business
Ohio University
sm323206 at ohio.edu<mailto:sm323206 at ohio.edu>
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