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Chapter Minutes 2/14/10

·      Guest Speakers: Bare on the Bricks

o   Presented by Alpha Epsilon Pi and SAB

o   Feb 27th at noon on Court St.

§  On site registration starts at 10

o   Fundraiser and clothing drive

o   Come fully dressed, run nearly naked

o   Support the local community

o   Can bring bags of clothes too

o   Go towards Athens area clothing banks and Haiti relief effort

o   After party at Broney’s

o   Contact info:

§  Chad Leikin and Sarah Kelly

o   Waiver to sign

·      Relay

o   2nd Annual…Case race for a cure!

§  Hosted by Relay Planning Committee and Relay Chairs

§  Half of money goes to APhiO Realy team, other to Relay planning committee

§  $5 by Feb. 21, please

§  Friday Feb. 26 at 8pm

§  Location TBA

§  Arrive, get split into teams.  Winning team gets a trophy!

·      5K

o   March 6, 12:00 noon at Ping

o   Registration forms went around

§  Fee was included in APhiO dues

o   Fundraising website

§  www.firstgiving.com/5kforgoodworks

o   Want easy service hours?

§  Register 5 people to get 1 service hour, committee hour, or 5K hour

§  Write 5 donation letters and get 1 service hour, committee hour, or 5K
hour (limit 1 hour)

§  Work a registration table and get 1 service hour, committee hour, or 5K

·      Check online

o   Questions? Comments? Email aphio5k at gmail.com

·      Fellowship

o   Intramurals

§  Other 2 teams dropped out, so will be playing the same team from now on

§  Monday at 6:15 in Ping Area B, C, or D

§  Sign up on the website

o   Fellowship of the Week

§  Tuesday

·      70 free passes to Hot Tub Time Machine at the Athena Grand

·      Meet at Morton parking lot at 7

§  Thursday

·      School of Theater play

·      Starts at 8, meet at ticket office at 7

o   Tickets free, but need student ID

§  Questions? Email Janet at jr203706 at ohio.edu

o   Video about formal

§  Money due by this WEDNESDAY

·      Last place to pay is ATCO Bowling 5-7pm

·      If you don’t pay, you give up your spot

·      Checks made payable to Abbey Fouss

§  See Abbey if any changes (adding a date, dropping a date, not going,

·      Service

o   24 hour service rule

§  If an event is canceled 24 in advance:

·      You will NOT get docked hours

·      You will get FULL hours

§  If an event is canceled MORE than 24 hours in advance:

·      You will NOT get docked hours

·      BUT you will NOT get hours either

o   Transportation to service

§  Your responsibility to check for rides to an event

§  If not, contact service girls

§  If you can drive, write it in the NOTES section

o   Upcoming Service

§  Skating invitational

·      Thursday Feb. 18

o   All volunteers 6:30-7 mandatory meeting (get ½ hour)

·      Saturday Feb. 20

o   7:30-9:30 am (4 volunteers)

o   9:30-11:30 am (4 volunteers)

o   11:30am-1:30pm (4 volunteers)

·      at Bird Arena

§  ATCO Valentine’s Dance

·      Feb. 21

o   5:30-6:30 (30 spots)

o   6:30-7:30 (30 spots)

§  ATCO Movie night

·      Feb. 16

·      Meet at Movies 10 at 6:30

·      10 spots

§  ATCO Basketball games

·      Feb 23 at 7

·      Feb 24 at 7

§  Disablility Awareness Festival

·      Tuesday March 2

·      At Athens Community Center

·      6:30-8:30

§  Dinner for Two

·      Sat. March 6

·      4:30-9

·      First Presbyterian Church, 2 N. Court St.

·      30 spots in shifts

§  Heather Ressa works at CVS

·      Go to CVS during her shifts (look online)

·      Buy peanuts (certain kind), put in box on counter and they get sent
to troops

§  Ronald McDonald House Donations

·      Top 10 needed items:

o   Pack n Play (need 4)

o   Large wheeled hamper (cost $340)

o   Crib sheets

o   Hair dryers (hotel style)

o   Floor lamps

o   Microwave (need 2)

o   White towels, washcloths, hand towels, sheets, pillow cases

o   Paper products (towel, napkins, toilet paper)

o   Laundry detergent (powder) and dryer sheets

o   Ice scrapers

·      Look for attachment over listserv

o   Sewing Parties

§  Once spots fill up, that’s it, sorry

§  Can donate fabric, though

o   Service sign-ups

§  If spots filled, don’t just show up anyway

§  Projects get overwhelmed

o   Lauren 330-391-0080

o   Chelsea 440-570-6597

·      Membership

o   Couple of Actives who are hard to get signatures from

o   History Night

§  March 7 at 6

§  Morton 201

§  Pledges are not supposed to know what History Night entails

o   Pledge Exec Board introduce themselves

o   Pledge Service Project

§  Faculty pageant

§  Proceeds to St. Jude’s

o   Pledge social

·      Fundraising

o   Puppy Chow donations this week

o   Red Brick fundraiser March 3

§  Not only work, but also attending

§  Check website

o   Peanut donation is service hour, not fundraising hour

·      Youth Service

o   Blood Drive at Ping 12pm-7pm

o   Running Club

§  Need sign-ins!

§  Try to sign up every week

§  Check school closings (no school=no running club)

·      Nominations cont’d

o   Fellowship

§  Evan Baer

o   Treasurer

§  Lindsey Johansson

o   Secretary

§  Stephanie Bricklebank

§  Jill Carlson

o   Membership

§  Bryn Keck

o   Service Week

§  Dani Garfield

o   5K

§  Amanda McKay?

o   Ombudsman

§  Angela Schedler

o   Prepare a short speech (less than a minute) for elections next week

§  Can mention in speech if running with some one

o   Nominations still open next week

§  Think about it- Leadership is cardinal principle

·      Announcements

o   Sectionals- interested?

§  Email Jan-Marie: jr204506 at ohio.edu

·      Put sectionals in subject line

§  Will be fundraisers

o   Census meeting this week

o   BBB sells belts every Wednesday 11-3

o   Service event at U of Dayton

§  Email aj101507 at ohio.edu if interested

o   Send in grades if haven’t yet!

·      Happy Can

·      Supportive Bro

Submitted by secretary Anna Tabor
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