[Aphio-L] SERVICE WK TEES: are you on this list?

Morris, Andrew am311606 at ohio.edu
Thu Feb 11 16:33:39 EST 2010

Hey bros,

We'll be bringing the unsold SW tees to chapter on Sunday... please bring your dolla dolla billz and take these off our hands!  Some people already bought a shirt, so if that's you, ignore this e-mail.  If you didn't buy one and want one, they're soon about to be available to any active, ten bucks.



Here's the list of everyone who ordered a shirt:

Abbey Fouss
Amanda McKay
Amber Wozniak
Amy Schwendeman
Andrea Huist
Angela Leek
Angela Schedler
Anna Gebhardt
Anna Schotty
Anna Tabor
Becky Voress
Blair Scanlon
Britney Gedeon
Caitlin Kahler
Carly Koss
Carolyn Hemmenway
Cassie Ausperk
Chelsea Koss
Claire Guzik
Cory Harrington
Erin Murphy
Gaby Swisher
Heather Harmasek
Helaina Diaz
Jackie Walsh
Jan Marie Ruminski
Janet Rowan
Jax Garry
Jayna Pappas
JD Bales
Jenna MIller
Jill Carlson
Justin Abshear
Kate Bargerhuff
Katherine Devlin
Kayla Mamula
Kris Bader
Kristen Milks
Laura Hopkins
Lauren Laneville
Lauren McGram
Leslie Godec
Lindsey Johansen
Lorelle Palozzi
Megan Roberts
Meghan Higgins
Meredith Woods
Michelle Friszman
Michelle Long
Monica Ruscher
Nickie Schwab
Patty Guzowski
Sarah Clouse
Susan Breitenbach
Theresa Richardson
Theresa White
Vanessa Vanyo

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