[Aphio-L] Nominations!

Kelly, Jennifer jk385506 at ohio.edu
Sun Feb 7 19:33:31 EST 2010

 Hey bros,
      Here are the people who were nominated for positions at chapter today. A question mark next to a name means that the person has not accepted the nomination yet. We will be having nominations again next Sunday (2/14) and then elections the following Sunday (2/21). Let me know if you have any questions!


            Laura Hopkins
            Andrew Morris
            Bryn Keck

Service- 2 positions
            Kris Bader
            Gaby Swisher

Fellowship- 2 postions
            Jayna Pappas
            Monica Ruscher

            Patty Roberts


Judiciary Board- 3 postions
            Cory Harrington
            Jan-Marie Ruminski
            Renee Lewis
            Carolyn Hemenway

Membership- 2 positions
            Leigh Kristoff
            JP Zakrajsek?

            Sarah Clouse

Fundraising- 2 positions
            Vanessa Vanyo
            Cassie Ausperk
            Christina Kloha

Service Week- 2 positions
            Anna Gebhardt

5K- 2 positions
            Jill Carlson
            Bailey Petry?

            Lauren McGrath

Inter-Chapter Relations
            Britney Gedeon

            Helaina Diaz
            Noelle Dobrowolski

            Meghan Tinker

Ombudsman- 1 boy and 1 girl
            JD Bales
            Anna Schottenstein
            Megan Roberts
            Zoe Adams?

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