[Aphio-L] Wanna travel with a bro?

Petry, Bailey bp319708 at ohio.edu
Wed Feb 3 09:27:54 EST 2010

 Hey Bros,

    Sorry for flooding your inbox with another message, but I wanted to see if anyone was interested in having a super-cool experience spring quarter. This spring, I'm taking the quarter off and going to Europe to volunteer with Volunteers for Peace, in both France and Germany, helping to rebuild summer camps for low-income kids. The cost for 2 weeks at each camp (4 weeks total) is $600, including food and lodging. And I'm also going backpacking around Europe before I get to the summer camps, which start at the end of April. Sooo, if any of you really don't have any classes that you have to take, and have all your requirements and want to do some over-seas service and get to know a fellow bro REALLY well, please let me know. Email me back at bp319708 at ohio.edu, not the listserve.

Anything for a bro,
Bailey Petry

Ohio University School of Social Work
Alpha Phi Omega Member
Belts Breaking Bondage, Research and Development VP
bp319708 at ohio.edu

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