[Aphio-L] Hey party people!

Katie Devlin katie.r.devlin at gmail.com
Tue Feb 2 14:29:04 EST 2010


I am going to Columbus for the day tomorrow to visit with my dad. Would
anyone be interested in taking my spot at ATCO league bowling? It starts at
5, and you are usually done by 6:45 at the latest. I have the BEST. TEAM.
EVER! (better than Heather Harmasek's, anyway) and it's so much fun! Let me
know if you're interested! katie.r.devlin at gmail.com

Anything for a bro,
Katie Devlin

Katherine R. Devlin
Ohio University
Degree: Social Work
Minor: Psychology
Child Welfare Certificate
katie.r.devlin at gmail.com
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