[Aphio-L] Want to spend your winter break giving the world to kids?

Katie Devlin katie.r.devlin at gmail.com
Wed Aug 25 14:36:24 EDT 2010

Hey bros!

I hope everyone is having a great summer break full of pools and sunshine
and lemonade! :o) I know December is far away, but it's time to start
planning for our annual trip to Give Kids the World is Kissimmee, Florida!
If you are unaware of what GKTW is, check out the website for some more
info: http://gktw.org

Right now, APhiO is signed up for TWO weeks to volunteer: December 6th
through Dec. 11th and Dec. 13th through Dec. 18th. You can either sign up
for both weeks or one week. I want to start collecting payments and
organizing fundraisers right when we get back to school, so if you are
interested in participating, start thinking about which week works better
for you.

Here are some main points to think about if you are planning on coming on
the trip:

   - I'll start collecting money around the 2nd week of school, so start
   saving up! The first payment will probably be around $30 to save your spot.
   (last year, the trip cost a little bit less than $200 for one week.)
   - Decide which week works better for you!
   - In order to reap the benefits of the fundraising cash, a bro must
   volunteer at least 2 hours with a GKTW fundraising event. (Note: this will
   not count as your fundraising hour, because it will be for the trip, not the
   chapter). That way, everyone can help out and as a team, we'll raise mad
   cash :o)

I hope everyone is as excited as I am! GKTW is always an awesome time, and
it's an incredible way to serve others. If you have any questions, comments,
complaints, or concerns, shoot me an e-mail: katie.r.devlin at gmail.com

Katie Devlin

Katherine R. Devlin
Ohio University
Degree: Social Work & Psychology
Child Welfare Certificate
katie.r.devlin at gmail.com
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