[Aphio-L] Who wants to live in a cardboard box for a night!?

Morris, Andrew am311606 at ohio.edu
Mon Sep 14 20:45:07 EDT 2009

 Hello ladies and gents,

Word on the street is that not everyone got the sign up sheet for Cardboard City at chapter yesterday.  If you didn't get it (or weren't at chapter and want to take part--dooooo it!) please e-mail me or call me and I can get you added to a team.  For those of you who weren't at chapter and want to be a part of CBC but don't know what it is, it is Habitat for Humanity's largest fundraiser of the year, and basically it is exactly what it sounds: teams build a house of cardboard and raise money and awareness for substandard housing here in Athens.  It's September 26th from 7:00 pm til dawn. What a better way to spend a night than hanging out with your bros chillaxing in a cardboard house in Morton parking lot!  Sounds fun to me... APhiO will be on the back to the teeshirts this year (you can get one if your team raises 50$--easy as pie) but our chapter as a whole needs to donate at least 100$ worth of juice, chips, granola bars, and duct tape.  Donating = easy service hours!

If you want to be on a team and gain my admiration forever, or you want to donate food and supplies and gain my admiration for at least the rest of the quarter, that'd be swell.



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