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 Hey Everyone,
The Thanksgiving Dinner has been moved to Friday, November 13th at 6:00PM at UMC (United Methodist Church- located on College Street).  If you are unable to make it due to the change, let us know ASAP. Below is a list of the family responsibilities - GET EXCITED!!!!

Family 1 - Stuffing and Napkins

Family 2 - Potatoes and Gravy and Cups

Family 3 - Salad and Dressing (with Family 8)

Family 4 - Sweet Potatoes and Plates

Family 5 - Cranberry Sauce and Rolls

Family 6 - Ham

Family 7 - Pies and Forks

Family 8 - Salad and Dressing (with Family 3)

Family 9 - Turkeys (Yes, there will be FOUR!) and Drinks

Family 10 - Green Bean Casserole and Knives

Please email us with any questions!


The Membership Girls
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