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Diaz, Helaina hd205506 at ohio.edu
Thu Oct 15 21:09:57 EDT 2009

Hey bros,

We recently got an email from Erin Sykes and she needs volunteers to help with Energy Days!  She needs as much help as she can get because there are about 200 3rd-6th grade students coming to Baker center next week for this special event and she doesn't have as many volunteers as she was hoping to.  While you're there, what they need you to do is pretty much lead the kids to the different stations they need to go to as well as trying to pump them up and give them energy!!! You will be assigned 1-3 classes to take to different places. The days and times are as follows:

Tuesday, October 20; 9:15am-11:30 am -- 4th Grade
Tuesday, October 20; 11:45am-2pm -- 6th Grade
Wednesday, October 21; 9:15am-11:30am -- 3rd Grade
Wednesday, October 21; 11:30am-2pm -- 5th Grade

If you can sign up for any of these times, please let us know and we will sign you up for them.  We don't have it on the service site because we want to make sure people are able to go.
Also, don't forget about Running Club tomorrow!  If you can go to that, sign up on the service site!

Helaina and Anna
aphioyouthservice at gmail.com

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