[Aphio-L] Chauncey Running Club

Diaz, Helaina hd205506 at ohio.edu
Tue Oct 6 20:36:46 EDT 2009

Hey bros!

Just a reminder about running club tomorrow!  No one has signed up for it yet and we need people to!  We only need 3, 2 at the least, but one preferably a driver! I promise you it's TONS of fun! Anna and I went to it yesterday with our committee and we got to design an obstacle course for everyone as well as use our ideas of things they could do.  You need to show up to Chauncey Elem. around 3:15 and you will be finished by 4:20.  We really need people to sign up for this to show our support to Chauncey!  If you sign up and don't have a car, email the youth service account or call me and we'll figure something out!

aphioyouthservice at gmail.com
(937) 219-1711
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