Blocher, Erica eb480406 at ohio.edu
Sun Nov 8 21:40:59 EST 2009

Hey bros,
Andrew and I will be at the Front Room this week selling Service Week shirts---so please come get them if you did not pick them up at Chapter. The cost is $10.00. This is the last chance before the end of the quarter so make sure you pick them up!!!! :)

Here is the schedule--
Monday  Erica 6-8 pm  Andrew    8-10 pm
Tuesday Erica 6-8 pm   Andrew  8-10 pm
Wednesday Erica 5-6 pm
Thursday Erica   6-8 pm
Friday Erica   6-8 pm

Here are our cell numbers in case you need them......   Thanks everyone and good luck with Week 10!  You made Service Week a blast for Andrew and I and we enjoyed working with you this quarter!

Erica 330-802-0214
Andrew 330-246-0516
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