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Chapter Minutes 11/8/09

·      Sit with families!

·      Service Week

o   Picture slide show

o   Thanks to everyone for making Service Week 2009 a success!

·      5K

o   Potential Causes:

§  South East Ohio Food Bank

·      Serves people in Athens, Hocking, and Perry counties

·      Works to help those in poverty

·      Money goes to help with food programs

§  Community Food Initiatives

·      Based in Athens county

·      Works to develop a strong local food system

·      Grows food and collects money to help those in need

§  *Good Works*

·      Works in Athens and 8 surrounding counties

·      More than just a homeless shelter

·      Have programs for all ages, point system

§  All three rely on private donations, i.e., no help from the government

·      Guest Speaker: Julie, one of our advisors, and her daughter

o   Raising money to buy an Autism service dog

o   Selling ornaments

o   Come to Porter 250 if you want to buy one but are unable to tonight

o   Can also email suhr at ohio.edu

·      FUNdraising

o   Buy a fest shirt Front Room

§  $10 for an hour

§  times will be sent out in an email this week

o   If you do not have your fundraising hour, your name will be sent to

§  Probation means no formal, no little

o   Thanks to some amazing members!

·      Thanks from Gaby!

o   Thanks to everyone who helped out with PreRush!

·      New Orleans

o   Nov. 28-Dec. 6

o   Definite interest sheet went around

o   Staying at Gethsemane Lutheran

§  $15 a night x 6 nights= $90

o   Who we’re working with:

§  The St. Bernard Project!

§  Rebuilding Camp Hope!

o   Road trip!

§  19 hours

§  Carpool

§  Gas cost usually $50/person, if you let us use your car you don’t have to
pay for gas!

§  Meet in Cincinnati and drive down Nov. 28-29, drive back Dec. 5-6

·      Membership

o   Thanksgiving this Friday, Nov. 13, at 6pm

o   Talk with your family about what you’re bringing (make enough for about
80 people)

o   Numbers:

§  Angela: 937-545-5043

§  Laura: 440-22-8382

·      Veteran’s Day opportunity

o   Lots of veterans around

o   1/3-1/2 of homeless are veterans

o   Find out their stories if you see them

o   Take them to lunch, buy them a beer

·      Supportive Bro

·      Announcements

·      Happy Can

·      Circle up!

Submitted by secretary Anna Tabor
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