[Aphio-L] Mug Shots Needed

Schedler, Angela as309406 at ohio.edu
Mon Nov 2 20:33:16 EST 2009

Hey Bros,
I know some of you are associate this quarter, but if you happen to be on this list, you have yet to take your new active picture for the 2010 Pledge Binders. If you're not associate, PLEASE show up to chapter this Sunday and take your picture or else Laura, Kris, and I will find an EXTREMELY embarrassing Facebook photo of you!

Kelly Ammons
Jamie Amos
Jesse Branner
Sara Brick
Jamie Brown
Cassie Costilow
Katie Daar
Jill DeBrosse
Noelle Dobrowolski
Morgan Dominique
Ellen Eisbrenner
Sal Frisnia
Britney Grimmelsmann
Claire Guzik
Samantha Harshman
LAURA HOPKINS (cough cough MEMBERSHIP CHAIR cough cough)
Lindsey Johansen
Sammy Juhn
Laura Kay
Christina Kloha
Chelsea Koss
Lauren Laneville
Jackie Prentis
Treesa Richardson
Megan Roberts
Janet Rowan
Emily Scancarello
Blair Scanlon
Beth Thompson
Christy Watts
Meg Weston

So once again, if you're on the list please get your picture taken ASAP so we can start designing the binders.

Angela, Kris and Laura

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