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Hi Friends;
   Do you have a busy quarter coming up and need to get your hours out of
the way early? Do you want to move into the dorms early? Do you want to meet
new people and invite freshman to join AphiO? Do you love helping other
people? Do you want to get a sneak preview of the Gingerbread house?

   If you answered yes to any of the above then helping out with freshman
move in is for YOU!

So here's the deal.  Freshman move in is from 9am to 7pm on September 3rd
and 4th.  These will be broken up into two shifts per day as listed on the
website.  If you forgot what the service website is here it is again:


(reminder: your username is your name like this: Swisher, Gabrielle and your
password is your OAK id.)

   Also, if you are sick of your hometown and really want to get back to
Athens ASAP, I have fabulous news for you.  If you volunteer, you can move
into the dorms early!  If you are interested in this, I need you to not only
sign up online but also email me with the following information: Your name,
PID, Dorm, & Room #.  You will be able to move in September 2nd!  Cool, huh?

  And because I'm not above bribes, I'll make breakfast for the morning
shift-ers, and make dinner (complete with certain beverages) for the
afternooners. Oh did I mention that there will be FREE T SHIRTS? I don't
know about you guys but I will do just about anything for a free tshirt.
    Okay  I really appreciate your help in advance, this is going to be a
great way to make contacts with the incoming freshman for recruitment.


Gaby "Ginger" Swisher
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