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Surovjak, Drew surovjak at ohio.edu
Thu May 2 11:58:01 EDT 2019

Dear Faculty,

A few final wrap-up items in the last day or two of the semester and year:

Moving services will be moving everything out of the costume shop, dressing rooms and 044 up to the Baker Stage the week of May 13th. They expect it to take 4 days. The following week, (May 13-17) the floor refinishing team will do its work. The basement will be completely off limits during this time. After that, everything from the Baker Stage will be moved back down stairs, the costume shop will be moved back from Putnam and the offices will be moved back from Lindley. If you will be out of your Lindley office and out of town after May 20th, please make sure everything in your Lindley office that you want moved back to Kantner is tagged with your name and the office number in Kantner where it should be returned. Please tape on the post-it notes. Last time some post-its fell off!

OVST is not using our costume shop this summer.

The Tantrum practicum that we had hoped to have set up by fall semester will not be ready. It should be ready for spring registration.

As of the deadline, our incoming 1st year class is:

Total (unofficial) Confirmed Theater Students Fall 2019

74            (+2 HTC) 68 FR (+2 HTC) 6 TR

1              BF5158 Playwriting

2              BF5162 PD&T

4              BF5168 Stage Management

13            BF5048 Performance-Acting

30            BF5049 Performance-Musical Theater

24            BA5194 BA Theater

These numbers will definitely fluctuate, but it’s a big class. Rest assured that we’re already talking about extra sections of first year classes to accommodate the larger numbers. This is a daunting problem, but a much better problem than not meeting our recruiting goals and having to cut our budget, or one of our positions. I’ll keep you posted about further developments.

Our faculty and staff hiring continues to go well. Details on that soon.

All the best,


Michael Lincoln
Director, School of Theater

Artistic Director, Tantrum Theater

Professor of Lighting Design
Ohio University

307 Kantner Hall | Athens, Ohio 45701
lincolnm at ohio.edu<mailto:lincolnm at ohio.edu> | 740.593.4818

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