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Subject: New Routledge Book Series

Brenda Foley is delighted to announce the launch of the Routledge Series in Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion in Theatre and Performance and sends out this call for proposals for new projects.

The Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) book series is an interdisciplinary forum for exploring diverse identities, concepts, practices, and people in theatre and performance.Through the series, the Theatre and Performance division at Routledge aims to expand its current offerings, in response to an overwhelming call to action by participants in the field.The new series reflects both a structure and an ethos, cutting across existing Routledge categories of theatrical production, theatre studies, and research monographs as a means to increase visibility and address the historical exclusion of marginalized voices.

Recognizing diverse perspectives as integral to an inclusive and forward thinking discipline, the comprehensive series encourages a broad definition of theatre and performance that disrupts traditional disciplinary frameworks. The EDI series welcomes single, multi-authored, and edited texts that question definitions of diversity and categories of representation, illustrate changing narratives of history, explore interconnectivity and divergence, and support emergent performance forms. We seek books that address past practice but also interrogate current inequities, highlighting the ways in which the field of performance intersects with, for example, contemporary issues reflected in #TimesUp, #MeToo, #BlackLivesMatter, and #CripTheVote.

The following are examples of texts that could be included in the EDI series:

•  A handbook highlighting current performances and disability on the global stage

•  An edited anthology (including interviews with directors/producers/playwrights) on contemporary approaches to diverse casting and the ways in which the field has (or has not) moved beyond the approach of “color blind casting”

•  An edited anthology that illustrates how contemporary playwrights are subverting gendered representation

•  How social media operates as a performance text and the ways in which it is being utilized by underrepresented artists

•  A comprehensive guide to the current directors, producers, playwrights, actors, and organizations working at the intersection of disability and performance

•  Who speaks for me? An investigation of exclusion in the performing arts

•  An anthology of plays by disabled playwrights

•  A monograph on transgender studies and performance

•  A monograph on the interplay between gender and disability in dance

The EDI series’ commitment to diversity includes—but also extends beyond—that which we know to be lacking in the field of theatre and performance. We welcome proposals that expand our perspectives and that of the field and look forward to reading your submissions.

We encourage your feedback and thoughts on the series. For more information or to send your proposal, please contact Brenda Foley (series editor- bkfoleygard at gmail.com<mailto:bkfoleygard at gmail.com> ) or Laura Hussey (Routledge editor- laura.hussey at informa.com<mailto:laura.hussey at informa.com>  )
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