[Theaterfacultystaff] FW: Please check your students credit hours

Lincoln, Michael lincolnm at ohio.edu
Thu Jan 17 12:40:24 EST 2019

PLEASE check your students credit hours if you have a variable credit class! See instructions below.

Many thanks!


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Subject: FW: Please check your students credit hours

Dear Faculty of Variable Hour courses (most faculty ar BCCd here, Directors, please redistribute to your faculty),

PLEASE check to see that your students are registered for the appropriate number of credit hours for your course.
Since the registration system defaults to 1 credit hour, it is very easy for students to unintentionally under-register

To check how many credits a student is registered for, please check your course roster in the faculty advising center (credit hours on far right column)
Downloading your class list not only shows you the number of credit hours the student is enrolled for your class, but also the total number of credit hours enrolled for the term.

Students can adjust their registrations without instructor permission required through Friday of the first week of classes.  – BEST SCENARIO!
Students can adjust their credit hours with instructor permission through Friday of the second week of classes. – GOOD SCENARIO!
Credit hours can be adjusted after the second week – through an administrative change order in my office. -Not Preferred, but better than students and facult y not being properly credited for their work.

Please see examples below.

PLEASE reach out to student whom you think may be inappropriately registered (too little or too many credit hours)

Please let me know if you have additional questions


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