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Dear friends,

I hope that you have had a relaxing and productive break. I wanted to send you a quick reminder about White Fragility, which we will be discussing in our faculty meeting on Jan 28 (see email below). I found the final chapter, "Where Do We Go From Here," especially enlightening and useful, while the early chapters helped me to understand many issues I have in talking about race and racism.

Looking forward to seeing all you of soon,


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Dear friends,

In the new year, I will be leading a series of conversations on White Fragility by Robin DiAngelo. You can find the book as a paperback on Amazon for $11: https://www.amazon.com/White-Fragility-People-About-Racism/dp/0807047414. Please buy a copy; our conversations will be more productive if you have can hold the book in your hands, write in it, and bring it with you to discussion.

Our faculty discussion will take place at the faculty meeting on Jan 28. We will talk about how white fragility, as a concept, influences our classroom discussions, our rehearsals, and our interactions with colleagues. How is white fragility preventing us from creating a just, inclusive environment for our colleagues and students? How can we have better discussions about race? How can we make better performances about race? What should we read next? If additional discussion points occur to you, please share.

The graduate student discussion of White Fragility will take place in Charles's playwriting seminar on the same day, Jan 28, from 3:05-4:45. If you can, I would very much appreciate if you would release your graduate students from class that day. I will teach White Fragility in my theater history class on Feb 6, 10:45-11:40 in the Athena Cinema, as part of a lecture on race and performance in nineteenth-century America. We are also hoping to hold a lunchbag on the subject on Feb 8.

Happy reading,

Yours, Matt
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