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Hi Michael,

Thank you.  Can we leave books on our book shelves and files in our desks while they remove/replace carpet?

Does all other furniture (personal standing bookcases, plant stands, etc...) need to be removed from our offices?


Rebecca VerNooy
Ohio University
School of Theater
Associate Professor

Tantrum Theater
Director of Education
009 Kantner Hall
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Dear Faculty,

I just finished a call with the Director of Facilities Management, the Chief Facilities Officer, the VP for Finance and Administration, the VP for University Planning, Kari Saunier, Maureen Wagner and Dean Shaftel. We have agreed that all carpet in the basement office suite will be removed and replaced. All broken and loose tile in the basement will be removed. The shop floors and corridors will be treated and sealed, but the tile will not be replaced to prevent any chance of mold or mildew. Some work needs to be done on the wall board that got wet. Once that is done and they are assured that the walls are completely dry, the vinyl cove molding will be put back in place.

In order to do the work on the floors, the remaining tables in the costume shop will be moved to Putnam 235 beginning tomorrow morning at 8am, so Putnam 235 will be the costume shop until we can move back into Kantner. We’ll use the laundry and dye facility in Kantner and the hood when necessary. Lara Berich has been in touch with Travis Gatling about using Putnam laundry facilities when Dance is not using them.

There is swing office space in Lindley Hall. Because we’re guessing this process will take about a month (roughly the end of spring break), we need everyone to be out of their offices so furniture can be moved so that carpet can be removed and replaced. If you need large items moved to Lindley, moving services can do it after they are done with the costume shop and on Friday. Please let me know ASAP if you do need large items moved. I’m told that you will have access to your office to retrieve books or materials around the work being done.

There is also a larger room in Lindley that we can use to replace 044 for classes and production meetings that have been scheduled in 044. Shawna Bolin, Miranda Kridler and I will be in close communication about keys and access to the offices in Lindley.

And lastly, a major power conditioner was damaged by the flood, taking our special circuits  in the Baker and the Hahne for sound and some lighting. The crew is working overnight to bypass that unit temporarily so that we can tech this weekend. A permanent solution is being researched.

Thank you all very much for pulling together today.


Michael Lincoln
Division Head, Theater

Artistic Director, Tantrum Theater

Professor of Lighting Design
Ohio University Theater Division

307 Kantner Hall | Athens, Ohio 45701
lincolnm at ohio.edu<mailto:lincolnm at ohio.edu> | 740.593.4818

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