[Theaterfacultystaff] Monday morning Kantner flooding

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Mon Feb 11 10:41:54 EST 2019

Thanks Rachel

It’s very likely I’ll come by as there’s only so long I can stay at Brennan’s

Jeanette Buck
Head BFA Stage Management
Production Manager Theater Division
Production Manager Tantrum Theater
Ohio University
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Thanks Rachel.


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Hello Friends,

I’ve booked the Jennings House conference room from noon-five today if you’d like a place to work. Just come on by. And if anyone wants it tomorrow, please let me know. I can book it all day tomorrow as well.

>From higher ground,

Rachel Cornish
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Dear Faculty,

I’m very sorry to report that the basement drains are backing up again. It’s slow enough this time that I don’t think the offices will be affected, but there is sewer water coming up from most of the floor drains on all sides of the basement. There are several maintenance people here now, from plumbing, general maintenance and electrical, working on containment and cleanup. The dimmer room had a foot of water which came about ¼” from the dimmers for the Baker and the Hahne.

Apparently, the root cause is the city sewer system along College Street. They’ve been working to locate the problem and may have to dig down 20 feet when they finally locate the cause.

Until we know this is solved, minimize your time in the basement if at all possible.

My deepest apologies for this situation.


Michael Lincoln
Division Head, Theater

Artistic Director, Tantrum Theater

Professor of Lighting Design
Ohio University Theater Division

307 Kantner Hall | Athens, Ohio 45701
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