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Thanks Shelley!!! I have seen Kantner basement flood, but this was something else. All hands on deck - facilities, faculty and students did an incredible job, and with super positive attitudes!! Proud to be part of the basement - now we just have to fix it😃😃


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Thank you to all.

If anyone in the basement has an office is particularly awful from the water, I’d be happy to share my office. Even though all of your stuff wouldn’t be here, you could answer emails, etc… It’s pretty good sized space, and I’m out teaching or in meetings a lot of the time – as we all are.


Shelley Delaney

Professor, Head of Performance

Ohio University School of Theater

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Dear Faculty,

Because of the intense rain this evening, the Kantner basement flooded worse than I’ve ever seen it. The drains at the restroom end of building backed up from the storm drains and water gushed out. Offices near that end of the hall have wet carpet and every room in the basement had some water. A large group of students and some faculty were helping mitigate. We opened every room and got everything off the floors as quickly as possible.  A whole bunch of facilities people are still working vacuuming water and cleaning up. I was told every wet carpet would be treated and dehumidifiers will be running as long as necessary, so the basement will not be a pleasant place tomorrow, not that it’s ever pleasant.

A huge thanks to everyone who helped. I’m so grateful to our faculty and students who pitched in. Theater people are an amazing bunch of people in the face of adversity, and man, do we have a lot of adversity in Kantner Hall.


Michael Lincoln
Division Head, Theater

Artistic Director, Tantrum Theater

Professor of Lighting Design
Ohio University Theater Division

307 Kantner Hall | Athens, Ohio 45701
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