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Happy first day! As a reminder: On Tuesday, Janai Lashon (2nd year MFA actor) returned to her Athens apartment after a summer away, and discovered dampness and mold on all of her belongings from linens and furniture to clothing and shoes. I passed out the list of things she needs to replace at our meeting. I’ve been in close contact with Janai. She’s found another apartment (furnished) and is cleaning and sorting through what she can salvage. In the course of this, she is discovering that her needs are shifting. Of course she will still accept donations of items, but it’s becoming clear that a Walmart gift card would offer her more flexibility in terms of her needs. There is an envelope outside of my office door (Kantner 206), and I am happy to convert any cash or checks to a gift card if you would like to help out. Or find me at school – I’ll be around late because of rehearsals. Thanks so much, Shelley



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