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Lincoln, Michael lincolnm at ohio.edu
Wed Aug 14 10:17:21 EDT 2019

Dear Faculty,

In our ongoing initiative to bring Diversity and Inclusion to the forefront of the School of Theater, we are expanding the first Lunchbag on Friday, August 30th to 3 hours starting at 11am and ending at 1:45, with lunch available. As we attempted to schedule this workshop, we realized there is no perfect time so we’re using the Lunchbag hour and adding an hour before and an hour after so that it will impact as few School of Theater classes as possible. If you have a class that extends into the 11 o’clock hour on Friday, please release in time for students to make their way to the Baker Theater by 11am. Classes beginning at 1pm will begin at 2pm instead. We will begin with welcome back and introductions and then presentations on Diversity and Inclusion. We hope that ALL faculty and staff will be in attendance.

Also, know that it is our plan to make Diversity and Inclusion an ongoing effort in the Lunchbag series. We will focus Lunchbag on D&I at least once a month.


Michael Lincoln
Director, School of Theater
Artistic Director, Tantrum Theater
Professor of Lighting Design
Ohio University
307 Kantner Hall | Athens, Ohio 45701
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