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Subject: E-Introductions and Retreat Reminder

Dear Faculty and Staff,

As summer winds down and we begin to see the fall semester on the horizon, I thought it might be a good idea to send you all a mini update with much more to follow at our retreat. We have just completed the 5 searches for new faculty and staff members in the School of Theater with unprecedented success and are thrilled to welcome them all. Roughly in the order of search completions:

Steven Leffue will be new head of Sound Design. Steven has a background as a musician and will also be teaching saxophone lessons for the School of Music. He is already in Athens and has been working the last few days to clean up and set up new equipment in the sound shop. There will be a whole new world happening in sound this year. Steven’s university email is stevenleffue at ohio.edu<mailto:stevenleffue at ohio.edu>.

Deborah (Debi) Jolly Holcomb, new costume crafts head, arrived at the beginning of July and has been working very hard for the last several weeks to put the costume shop back in order. It is a huge job and I can’t thank Debi for all the long hours she has volunteered. Debi’s university email is jollyholcomb at ohio.edu<mailto:jollyholcomb at ohio.edu>.

Brigitte Bechtel, new scenic artist (a new Tantrum position for us), has obligations for another week or so, to Arizona Theater Company where she has worked the last few years, so she will be arriving the week of August 19th. We are thrilled to have Brigitte on board. No university email yet.

Arnold (Arne) Johnson, new Assistant Technical Director (also a new Tantrum position), comes to us from California, where he has worked with Pacific Conservatory of the Performing Arts. Arne also had obligations at PCPA through this week, so will be joining us next week. Arne is the husband of Wendy-Marie Martin, IArts PhD candidate, who has taught Theater seminars and has been very involved with the SOT this past year.  No university email yet.

And finally, Bethany Padron just signed a contract last week to be the new head of Costume Technology. Bethany’s campus interview on July 24th was a knockout and it is amazing that she is now packing to move to Athens and hopefully arrive in time for the CoFA retreat. She will keep me posted. Bethany completes a dynamite trio in costumes. No university email yet.

Most of you haven’t met all of these great additions to our faculty, but I can assure you, it’s a whole group of can-do people with ideas and energy to continue to move us forward. I’m attaching resumes and/or CVs for all of them. We have a plan for offices for everyone, which I will share at our retreat.

Wednesday, August 21, 9am-4:30pm is the College of Fine Arts retreat, Ridges Auditorium.
Friday, August 23, 9am–3pm is the School of Theater retreat in Putnam 321. Both retreats will serve lunch.

All the best,


Michael Lincoln
Director, School of Theater
Artistic Director, Tantrum Theater
Professor of Lighting Design
Ohio University
307 Kantner Hall | Athens, Ohio 45701
lincolnm at ohio.edu<mailto:lincolnm at ohio.edu> | 740.593.4818

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