[Theaterfacultystaff] Update on Matt

Cornish, Rachel cornishr at ohio.edu
Fri Apr 5 17:03:55 EDT 2019

Dear Friends,
I am writing let you know that Matt has been admitted to the Cleveland Clinic. He has an extensive history of serious GI issues and has had many surgeries. Matt's last surgery was about seven years ago, and he hadn't had any problems until a few weeks ago. Things escalated earlier this week and by yesterday we were weighing our options. We ended up driving to the Emergency Room at OSU (though this is more a crisis and less of an acute emergency), and from there we were transferred to the Cleveland Clinic. Matt is bored, frustrated, and uncomfortable, but okay for the time being. The Cleveland Clinic is #2 in the country for their GI department and we are in good hands.

Matt's parents will arrive from Denver tomorrow and will bring August up to Cleveland. We have Skye Robinson Hillis house/dog sitting for us. For the time being we do not need any logistical help, but remain grateful for such supportive colleagues and friends. I'll keep you posted as things progress, though we may not know what is happening for a day or two more. Matt is on and off email and we both have our cell phones with us should you wish to send him a message.


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