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Lincoln, Michael lincolnm at ohio.edu
Thu Oct 18 15:42:35 EDT 2018

Dear Faculty,

We need to meet Monday 11:50 – 12:40 to discuss critical scheduling issues involving Tantrum productions next year. We’ve just been told that the budget for Tantrum is due next week, so I’ve been working through the block calendar to determine dates which will determine costs for professionals. Rachel needs this information to make a budget. In a nutshell, what has come up is that in order to contract professional actors for the run of a production, we will need to rehearse over spring break and manipulate the schedule so that the fall Tantrum production does not run over Thanksgiving. If we don’t schedule this way, Tantrum will be paying professionals for a week that they are not working. To that end, I believe we will have to produce mainstage #1 and Rhinoceros back to back and then produce the Styles productions which will split over Thanksgiving. We used that version of the schedule in 2016 when we produced The Library and Ladies Man back to back and then produced the Styles projects.

Lots to discuss on Monday. Please try to make it by 11:50.

Many thanks!


Michael Lincoln
Division Head, Theater
Artistic Director, Tantrum Theater
Professor of Lighting Design
Ohio University Theater Division
307 Kantner Hall | Athens, Ohio 45701
lincolnm at ohio.edu<mailto:lincolnm at ohio.edu> | 740.593.4818

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