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Thanks, Rachel, and all:

I am so grateful for everyone who helped to make it possible for Art Equity to work with us.

I feel that I could competently help create affinity spaces and/or a casting policy. I’ve already begun to set something in place regarding casting that I’m hoping is a move in the right direction. I will share it at our next faculty meeting.


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Subject: [Theaterfacultystaff] action steps from artEquity

Hello all,
Thank you for attending the training yesterday. For me, it was a day of so many emotions, and know I’m not alone in that.

I’m attaching the action plan which we developed at the end of training. I believe Michael said you could devote a portion to the next faculty meeting to review it.

If you wish to make any of these happen you may want to make some time to do the following:
1. Create a finalized list of commitments and share it with the student body so that we can be held accountable.
2.  For each goal, define how success will be measured
3. Appoint/elect a chairperson for each goal to help shepherd it
4. Create a timeline of specific check-ins and opportunities to ask for assistance. (i.e. Each faculty meeting, or perhaps each month the point person will email the faculty with progress, etc.)
5. Create a date in 3-6 months where we’ll review the whole list and create the next one.

Please let me know how I can assist! I’m happy to be the point person on one goal.


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