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Dear Faculty,

The work is moving along behind the scenes to have a rebuilt website by a target date of December 18th. A page that we need to develop is featured alumni. With 9 degree programs, if we featured 2 or 3 from each area, that will more than enough. I’d like to include a headshot, a short bio blurb and a URL to their websites if they have one. I know some of the areas already have this information on your satellite websites. Please send Merri and I the most outstanding alumni from your program. It would be great to get a spread of recent, more established and older alumni if you are aware of them. For instance, I just learned that Bill McCutcheon, who won the Tony for playing Moonface Martin in the Anything Goes that I worked on in 1992 was our alum! He died some years ago, but it points to the fact that we have a long history that we don’t often refer to.


Michael Lincoln
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