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We are all frustrated by the Siegfried lot being treated like it’s non-essential to the whole college. We could discuss this, but I think it will only get addressed by the faculty senate or a campus group that gets upper administration attention. The Dean has expressed some frustration with this problem but didn’t seem to think he could do anything about it, but I’d be glad to take it to him in the next meeting we have.


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Can we address parking in an upcoming faculty meeting?

I know it's probably always an issue, but if the lot COFA usually parks in is always being commandeered for events or police when COFA are faculty members usually staying late in the evenings or working over the weekends and already parking approximately a quarter mile from work, perhaps we can request the City or whomever is forcing us out make allowances like give people who work in Kantner a free garage pass for the days or weekends that they take the Siegfried parking lot away.

Perhaps this has been discussed already - I'm willing to bring it up again if that's helpful.

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Siegfried parking lot is closed today for an event, so plan accordingly!

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