[Theaterfacultystaff] The Ridges Storage - Animal/Flea Problem

Surovjak, Drew surovjak at ohio.edu
Wed Aug 1 09:46:23 EDT 2018


We recently noticed there is a flea infestation in our Ridges Storage building. The infestation is a result of critters living in the building so Environmental Health & Safety must trap and remove all the critters before they can fog for fleas. They have a two week hold of no animal activity before they will fog and they just trapped a gopher yesterday so we are at least two weeks from the building being fogged, longer if they trap another critter. Environmental Health & Safety will notify me when the building is clear of animals and has been fogged and safe to enter. Once I hear from them I will then send the all clear. Until then, no one should enter the Ridges storage space!

Drew R. Surovjak

Administrative Associate

Theater Division

School of Dance, Film, and Theater

Ohio University

Kantner Hall 307A

surovjak at ohio.edu

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