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Hi Dan,

Answers below.


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Good afternoon

Need  to submit a budget forecast/planning document to the dean.  In order to accomplish this by his deadline, I need everyone to send me your responses by Friday, tomorrow (9/22) to
The following questions.     Sorry for the short notice but this should only take you a few minutes….

1.       Do you plan to retire before FY 23?  You will not be held to this should you choose to change your current plan

My current plan is to fully retire at 70, which will be March of 2023. I think I can teach out that academic year, but I’m not positive if the rule is in the year you turn 70, or before you turn 70, which would be 2022.

2.       If so, when?   FY 18,   FY 19,   FY 20,   FY 21,    FY 22       Please highlight the applicable year

See above.

3.       If you are eligible for tenure and have not yet achieved tenure, when  will you be going up for tenure? FY 18,   FY 19,   FY 20,   FY 21,    FY 22       Please highlight the applicable year

Tenured full professor.

4.       What is your annual course load NOT COUNTING PRACTICUM CLASSES?  In other words, how many courses do you teach/year that have regular class meeting times?   The standard model being 3 in each semester.
I teach one class per semester. 2 classes of course release for Division Head duties.

Thank you in advance for providing this information.

Dan Denhart: Professor
Interim Artistic Director/Head: Theater Division
School of Dance, Film, and Theater (SoDFT)
College of Fine Arts
Ohio University

740-590-3963 (Cell)

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