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Winters, Daniel winterd1 at ohio.edu
Tue Sep 19 21:47:21 EDT 2017

Hi all,

I’m writing to let you know some very big news. My wife Tammy and I are expecting a baby in the spring! She is currently in week 13 and due on March 28th.

I have already been talking with Michael Lincoln to come up with a plan of covering classes and mentoring responsibilities while I’m away. Currently we are planning on having Sarah Riffle mentor Derek Keifer for his thesis production and teach some of the classes I’ll be missing.

I’m so glad to finally get to share this news with my colleagues, but for the moment please refrain from posting anything on social media/the internet, as we haven’t made any posts ourselves yet. I did already tell the lighting shop, so I’m sure all the students will know any minute, and Tammy and I should be making a post soon.

Thank you all for your endless kindness and support. Tammy and I are extremely excited and absolutely terrified in equal measure.

Dan W.

Daniel Winters
Adjunct Professor of Photography
and Lighting Design
Ohio University
winterd1 at ohio.edu
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