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Good morning,
At our weekly leadership meeting we were visited by representatives from the Registrar's office (Debra Benton and Mike Whitnable).  The purpose of their visit was to discuss the Textbook system and compliance with H.R. 4137 Sec. 133 textbook information.
The Textbook system was signed into law in 2008 as a way to "ensure that students have access to affordable course materials.... "
It is further required that "students know the required textbook(s) and materials prior to registration for classes, including the ISBN number and approximate costs" .

This is a reminder that the deadline for updating your class textbook and materials/ supplies requirements for the spring semester courses you teach is October 15th
It is the expectation of the registrar's office that all faculty and those with faculty of record status for courses, update the Textbook system each semester.  If you do not require textbooks or materials, the expectation is that you note that in Textbook and update every semester.

Thank You

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Interim Artistic Director/Head: Theater Division
School of Dance, Film, and Theater (SoDFT)
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