[Theaterfacultystaff] Fw: Help wanted with lab show next semester!

Surovjak, Drew surovjak at ohio.edu
Tue May 23 15:36:54 EDT 2017

Hey Everyone!

I, Alex Amery, will be directing An Octoroon as a lab show in August and performing it in the Hahne and Stuart's Opera House during the first few weeks of next semester. I'm currently casting it but need more people! I have tentatively filled a few roles but if you will be in Athens between August 5th and school starting back, available most of the day, not cast in Vibrator and interested, let me know! I'm looking for people to tape an audition for me (or do one in person if you happen to be in Dublin with Tantrum) and I can get you some sides for that.

I'm also looking for people to help sound design and help me with props. These elements are both going to be hugely important for the show and I think this production will offer some great challenges to tackle for designers.

I have been applying for several grants for the show and will have the support of both Emily Prince at Stuart's Opera House and Chris Caldwell in the African American Studies department. I would be happy to answer any questions about the play or my plans for performing it. Really, if you find yourself interested in being involved in any way, let me know! Please email me at aa634415 at ohio.edu if you are interested and can help out.

-Alex Amery

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