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VerNooy, Rebecca vernooy at ohio.edu
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hi drew,

i have the following classes:

Thar 1111:  m, w and f  3:05-4:55  kantner 308

acting fundamentals 2

Thar 4900/5900:  t, th  1:30-2:50

mindfulness and creativity

Thar 6161:  t, th 3:05-4:55

physical theater 2



Rebecca VerNooy
Ohio University
School of Theater
Associate Professor

Tantrum Theater
Director of Education
009 Kantner Hall
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The end of the semester is approaching quickly and evaluations are on my radar. We have had amazing response rates (up to 100%!) for the evaluations I recently proctored and I would like to continue to offer proctoring. Please coordinate with me to set up proctoring dates and times for your classes. About 10-15 minutes at the beginning or end of class is plenty of time. I do have class on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10:30am - 11:50am so we will have to work around that or get a little creative, maybe utilize one of my Work Study students to proctor as well.

Thank you!

Drew R. Surovjak

Administrative Associate

Theater Division

School of Dance, Film and Theater

Ohio University

Kantner Hall 307A

surovjak at ohio.edu

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