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Thank you, Michael and all.

He’s napping right now, and we still anticipate leaving the hospital by 1 or so.

It’s a good day to take a deep breath.



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I am so glad that all went well. Prayers answered!

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Subject: [Theaterfacultystaff] Good News!

I thought I should share this news ASAP. Some of you may have heard directly from Dennis or through the grapevine that Dennis Delaney has been having heart issues this past week. (Shelley drove back from New Jersey yesterday, where she was directing a new play.) After a weekend in Riverside Hospital in Columbus, Dennis was first up this morning for a heart catheterization.  Two stents were placed in Dennis's front artery. He is already in recovery and they are anticipating releasing him by midday today. We’re not quite sure yet when he will return to work, but it shouldn’t be too long. Breath a sign of relief! I’m sure we’ll be hearing directly from Dennis soon.


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