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In case any of you have fielded questions from international students, please pay particular attention to the final paragraph. ISFS is the office that can help with those questions.

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Subject: International Students this summer

Hi Everyone,

On January 29, Krista Mccallum Beatty, Director of International Student and Faculty Services, sent out an email to all Deans (which Elizabeth immediately forwarded to all school directors) regarding Trump’s travel ban on citizens from seven Muslim majority countries.

In this email she stated that OU recommends that students from these countries who do not also hold US citizenship should refrain from leaving the US at this time.  While the situation remains unresolved OU continues to recommend this.

As noted in my previous email, COFA has 6 Iranian students currently enrolled in our graduate programs.  We want you to know that we are currently determining ways we can assist those students financially this summer should it be necessary for them to remain in Athens.  For example, we may have them serve as facilitators for online courses, act as a GA for an Athens based course, or teach their own course.  More on this as things continue to unfold.

As I noted in the previous email, if you are asked specific questions by a current international student that you cannot answer, please have the student call OU’s International Student and Faculty Services (740-593-4330) or by email at isfs at ohio.edu<mailto:isfs at ohio.edu>.  They are expecting calls and want to assist you and our international community.

All Best,
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