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Suggestions welcome. Email me directly or email Rachel and copy me so that I'm in the loop.

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Date: Wednesday, February 1, 2017 at 10:39 AM
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Subject: Honorary degree nominations

Hello all,
I'm soliciting suggestions on honorary degree nominations for this year. Our deadline is Feb. 24.

People who would be good choices to nominate would be those who we'd like to develop or continue to develop a relationship with in order to raise the visibility or further the mission of the College. Honorees might also be donors, though they don't have to be. They should have some connection to the College however tenuous. Perhaps they've taught a course, or even a class. I believe that they should have roughly the same or similar skill set/experience it would take to earn a similar degree to the one we'd bestow. I believe we only have master's and doctorate honorary degrees, but I'll double check.

I'm inclined to put forth only strong nominations so that we can have a good chance at awarding one. Let me know if anyone comes to mind by Feb. 10th.

All best,

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