[Theaterfacultystaff] Dog walks

Cornish, Matthew cornish at ohio.edu
Fri Dec 29 13:10:11 EST 2017

Dear friends,
Little August sends his love! He is doing well, but his doggie sister is feeling a bit rambunctious, and somehow we can’t seem to find the time to give her enough exercise. Would one of you kind souls be willing to organize some dog walks for us? She can walk as much as people are willing and able in a given day. Help finding a professional dog walker and trips to the dog park would also be greatly appreciated.
It is cold and icy, which bothers Penny not a bit, but do be sure to wear good boots if you walk her. She doesn’t pull often, but when she does she’s mighty strong.
Our pediatrician said that we need to wait at least eight weeks to introduce August to friends, because he came early and because it’s flu and cold season. But we can’t wait for all of you to meet him soon!
Yours with love, Matt

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