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Subject: CoFA Faculty Computer Replacement Policy

Hello everyone.  Hope your first week of classes is going great!

This email is to update you on the faculty computer replacement requests for the 2017-2018 academic year.  As of this year, we have moved away from an “automatic replacement after three years” policy to a “every 4 years – if requested” policy.  Though laptops depreciate after three years, their lifespan is often at least a year or so longer.  This is all to say that unless there is a problem with the laptop, and one that isn’t covered by warranty/AppleCare, we are not replacing them unless they are 4 years old or older.

There are only 2 replacement choices which the Dean’s Office will pay for:

System B MacBook Pro 13” plus AppleCare

Dell Latitude E5480 (w/4 year warranty included in cost)

We only cover the cost to purchase the above mentioned computers (and AppleCare).  Any additional peripherals, software, etc. would need to be purchased by using other funding - other funds can include School funding (if available), startup funding, personal investment, etc.  Though other types of purchases are not encouraged, if a person really (really) wanted something other than one of the two approved choices listed above, the College will put $1,000 toward that purchase (plus AppleCare if it’s a Mac).  The faculty member needs to be aware that if they are using personal funds, these computers are the property of the College of Fine Arts/Ohio University and any investment made with personal funds to acquire said computer would be forfeited.

Just as a reminder, the old computer will still need to be surrendered back to OU at the time the new one is received.  Once these computers are ordered, they are delivered to IT (John Ayers) for the initial setup.  IT will then contact the individual faculty member to bring in their old computer so (1) they can transfer any needed information over to the new one and (2) to collect the old computer at that time.

If you have any questions regarding this policy, please feel free to contact me or Jody Lamb.



Sharon Ball, CPS

Administrative Specialist

College of Fine Arts, Ohio University

54 E Union St., Jennings House

Athens, OH  45701


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