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I have included you, along with Shelley, on the UPDATE from the International Thespian Conference in Lincoln this summer. Please discuss this with Shelley and be prepared to report to the faculty on the event.

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I would have no problem talking about my take on the International Thespian Fest.

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Dear All,

I was going to wait for a response from Matthew Shaftel, our new Dean, before I forwarded the attached letter from URTA that we received the other day, but in light of the fact that Shelley has brought up the credit hour discussion, it seems you should all know what the official letter from URTA states. It does indicate that we need to have serious discussions about reducing required graduate hours. I agree with Shelley that reducing to 15 credits per semester is a good step, but each area needs to analyze what that might mean for that area. Perhaps a requirement of 15 with an option of 18 for those students who would like to take on more credit to get graduation requirements out of the way. PD&T usually graduates a student or two early because they accumulate enough credit, which certainly helps our funding problems. (The minimum of 15 and maximum of 18 would also give us some leeway for registrations that we have lacked since we moved to semesters.) Also, it should be pointed out that generating credit hours is good for our bottom line, so I don't think it's a good idea to look at anything less than 15 hours per semester.

All the best,

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Thank you, Dan.

There has been a discussion about combining all handbooks (PD&T, Acting, etc...) into one Division Handbook. I'd like this to be a brief agenda item. I believe it will fall to Jeanette Buck, but we've never talked about it together in a room.

This may not be the time and place, but I'd like to talk about the Production Practicum requirements for double majors in PD&T and Acting or Playwriting. I this is better addressed in a later meeting, I understand.

Following the URTA on site visit, I think it's important we address the 18 credit per semester registration for graduate students. This would require a bit of leg work to see if the Dean's office actually expects this. Also, leg work to look at some peer institution credit hours. Nearly all URTA schools have significantly less than ours. Our onsite visitor, Cal McLean felt we were overloading students credits and expressed concerned about what that represents - on paper and otherwise. The standard is around 12, I suggest we work for 15 or less (at least on paper), as soon as possible.

I'd like to talk briefly about the International Thespian Conference in Nebraska. Or Tom Fiocchi could talk about it. We need to generate interest from faculty members to participate in the future.

I believe we are long past due on a conversation about undergraduate recruiting in general. And more specifically for under-represented populations.

That's all I have for now, but other things will likely occur to me.

As far as the grad welcome party, I could have it at our house, but i don't think the location serves us very well - it's about 11 miles out of town and there is not a ton of parking. I'd be happy to come early to your home and help with set up. I'd also be happy to prepare several side dishes.


Shelley Delaney
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Good morning,
I am yet to receive agenda items from faculty or staff for our August Retreat.  This is a reminder to send them my way for inclusion in the itinerary.

Also, I want to give everyone a heads up that on Friday, Oct. 13th, President Nellis will be visiting all COFA  facilities with Dean Matthew Shaftel.  The itinerary for this event is below:  Please particularly note the meeting with faculty/staff from 11-12 at the Recital Hall in Glidden.  Please plan to attend and participate if possible.  We will discuss this at Retreat as well.

Tentative Itinerary:

  *   9-9:30: dean and directors  (Jennings House Conference Room)
  *   9:30-11: Tour College of Fine Arts Facilities
  *   11-12: Faculty and Staff  (Recital Hall, Glidden)



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