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Hello Everyone,

I wanted to let you all know that tickets to The Big Fuckin' Giant and This Is How You Got Me Naked can be purchased at MemAud this week for the entire run, but on Friday 4/14 MemAud closes to work on graduation preparations and at that time they will print all the remaining tickets to for the rest of the Playfest.

Those remaining tickets will be available for purchase each night/day (for matinees) at the Forum Box office one hour before the start of the show. I will only be taking reservations for the featured Playwrights/Directors/Faculty/Staff/VIPs, NOT for the cast or crew or the student body. Tickets will be sold on a first-come-first-served basis at the Forum box office on the night of the show.

There are only 50 seats available on the risers but once I speak to the directors about site-line issues, most of the seating in the Forum Theater will be used as over-flow seating (which is what we usually do). Please tell any cast or crew that have family coming to see them not to panic and worry that their parents will not have a chance to see them. They may not get to sit in the risers but they will be able to see the shows. I don't think I have ever had to turn anyone away from a featured play in the Playfest. The view from the Forum seats is usually pretty good too.

If you hear that a performance is "sold out" that means the riser seats are sold out. There will still be plenty of seating in the Forum seats.

Please pass the word around.

Also, in case anyone doesn't know....tickets for the two featured plays are FREE for OU Students and $5 for everyone else.

Thank you,


Ledger Free
Audience Services Coordinator
Theater Division / Arts for Ohio / Tantrum Theater
free at ohio.edu

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