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Congratulations to our deserving Foster Harmon recipients... well done!

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Dear Faculty,

Some of the advisors to students already know this, but for those of you who may not be aware:

Merri Biechler and I read the twelve applications for the Foster Harmon fellowship for 2017-2018. After re-reading the top contenders, we came to the mutual decision to re-award a fellowship to Ellie Clark, who will be in her third year of the graduate acting program. (Re-awarding is encouraged by the guidelines.) Luckily, this year the investment has generated extra income, so we are able to award a second fellowship, which will go to Samantha Llanes, who will be in her third year in the props program. In addition, there is enough money to allocate an extra $1,000 more than the graduate stipend to each recipient. Assuming the investment generates similar income next year, we hoping that we'll be able to allocate two fellowships again next year for 2018-2019.

All the best,

Michael Lincoln
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Professor, Theater Division
Ohio University
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