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Hello all,

I think our next "Big Ask" should be related to the amount of money we have to spend on our productions, as opposed to spending a ton of money on some new technological whirligig or dreaming about building a new building.  The reality is that we do 6-8 shows here ever year, and making our production budgets a small percentage larger would be a terrific way to spend some money.  Adding $5,000-6,000 to the main stage production budget might mean not having to cut that window or that roof piece or that 3rd costume you'd like the leading lady or man to wear.  But for me, even more important, it would be nice to give real support to the Style Projects and Realism Projects.  Not a ton of money, just not $50 or $100, which is basically saying to the director and designers "you're on your own, build it out of cardboard and wax paper" (not that we don't occasionally do just that).  I think increasing those budgets slightly for these productions would make the experience of doing these shows less stressful and invigorate their imaginations beyond the "let's pull it all from stock" mentality that we're in currently.

Other than that, my personal top priority would be another large rehearsal space (or two) and a green room for the students.  We desperately need both.

Dennis Delaney
Professional Director Training Program
Theater Division
Ohio University School of Dance, Film, and Theater
delaney at ohio.edu
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Dear Faculty,

I have a meeting with the Dean next Tuesday to discuss our next "big asks". This is to state our goals for the next Dean, our roadmap to our future, if you will.

 For instance:

  1.  The Athena space will solve some shop space problems, but not all of them, by any means. What are the next logical steps?
  2.  We still don't have a green room.
  3.  More studio space for classes and rehearsals. How many, or a studio of a specific nature?
  4.  Upgrades to our existing spaces, such as floor refinishes, new window shades, etc?
  5.  Major tools.
  6.  Faculty? (New lines, IF we grow?) I know there is need in the performance area when Laura Parotti fully retires.
  7.  On a more personal, if anyone will be eligible and might consider early retirement in the next 5 years, please let me know. (It will be confidential, but important for planning.)

This meeting is on Tuesday, Oct. 4. If you could send me your ideas by Monday at noon so that I can compile them, I'd really appreciate it.

Many thanks,


Michael Lincoln
Artistic Director/Head
Professor, Theater Division
Ohio University
740 593-4818, 917 301-5173(c)
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